What is a Loofah Here are Fun Things about this Bathroom Essential article image by Organic Cosmetics Online

What Is A Loofah? Here Are Fun Things About This Bathroom Essential

A loofah sponge is an essential bathing accessory. The bathing experience is not complete without exfoliating dead skin cells to make the skin clean, smooth, and glowing, too! A loofah sponge is a must if you want to experience a refreshing and healthy clean feeling after showers.

But what is a loofah exactly? Let’s get to know more about the loofah sponge with these good-to-know facts!

  • There are two general types of loofah

The first type is loofah made from ridge-gourd. It comes from a type of gourd that share some genetic characteristics with the cucumber. When the fruit of the plant is intentionally ripened and harvested beyond its maturity, the flesh is then used as a scrubbing or cleaning tool instead.

The second type of sponge is made from artificially net material that is bunched together to form its loofah sponge shape.

What do loofahs do?

In essence, a natural loofah or a loofah sponge is used for its exfoliating and cleansing abilities. The scrubbing action of the loofah against the skin creates friction resulting in the effective removal of dead skin cells.

A loofah is typically used in tandem with soap for a cleaner bathting result.

Natural Loofah Benefits

A large majority of loofah lovers opt to use natural loofah due to their positive wellness benefits. Natural loofah benefits include gentle exfoliation, improved circulation, and a detoxifier. Although natural loofah fibers are strong, they are extremely gentle on the skin.

How to use a loofah?

It’s relatively easy and straightforward to use a loofah, here are simple step-by-step directions on how to use the loofah for first timers!

  • Before using it on your skin, make sure to soak the loofah in running water. Ideally, warm water should be used to prime the loofah before bathing to make it softer and spongier. This is especially important for people who have sensitive skin.
  • For best results, move the loofah in a circular motion to initiate circulation. In addition, the circular motion also helps in speeding up the removal of dead skin cells.

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