What is a Loofah Here are Fun Things about this Bathroom Essential article image by Organic Cosmetics Online

What Is A Loofah? Here Are Fun Things About This Bathroom Essential

A loofah sponge is an essential bathing accessory. The bathing experience is not complete without exfoliating dead skin cells to make the skin clean, smooth, and glowing, too! A loofah sponge is a must if you want to experience a refreshing and healthy clean feeling after showers.

But what is a loofah exactly? Let’s get to know more about the loofah sponge with these good-to-know facts!

  • There are two general types of loofah

The first type is loofah made from ridge-gourd. It comes from a type of gourd that share some genetic characteristics with the cucumber. When the fruit of the plant is intentionally ripened and harvested beyond its maturity, the flesh is then used as a scrubbing or cleaning tool instead.

The second type of sponge is made from artificially net material that is bunched together to form its loofah sponge shape.

What do loofahs do?

In essence, a natural loofah or a loofah sponge is used for its exfoliating and cleansing abilities. The scrubbing action of the loofah against the skin creates friction resulting in the effective removal of dead skin cells.

A loofah is typically used in tandem with soap for a cleaner bathting result.

Natural Loofah Benefits

A large majority of loofah lovers opt to use natural loofah due to their positive wellness benefits. Natural loofah benefits include gentle exfoliation, improved circulation, and a detoxifier. Although natural loofah fibers are strong, they are extremely gentle on the skin.

How to use a loofah?

It’s relatively easy and straightforward to use a loofah, here are simple step-by-step directions on how to use the loofah for first timers!

  • Before using it on your skin, make sure to soak the loofah in running water. Ideally, warm water should be used to prime the loofah before bathing to make it softer and spongier. This is especially important for people who have sensitive skin.
  • For best results, move the loofah in a circular motion to initiate circulation. In addition, the circular motion also helps in speeding up the removal of dead skin cells.

Skin Care Secrets

This is a collection of little secrets to help you protect your skin. Keep in mind, written mainly for people with acne, but there are many tips that absolutely apply to other skin conditions like wrinkles, puffiness, discoloration and much more. These suggestions can truly transform your skin into the soft, smooth, clear complexion you’ve always wanted…. Pass it on…

Distilled is the purest water available, and if you use a good water filter this is also very helpful. Drinking water throughout the day will keep your body effectively flushing toxins through your kidneys instead of your skin. Remember, your body is around 70% water and if your cells get dehydrated, they will not be able to function well. You must have an abundance of water to perform every task the body requires which of course includes repairing damaged cells which will help your skin heal and keep it healthy.

This is the hardest thing in the world to do if you\’re broken out. But, if you\’re skin is very dry then your body will over-produce oils to replenish your overly-dried skin thereby causing acne. This becomes a vicious cycle whereby you have to wash your face to keep it clean, but washing too much can actually cause you to break out! It is very important to promote the natural balance of your skin by not washing more than twice a day and also using moisturizers and toners that don’t clog pores.

If you have any scars or red marks, break off a small piece, break open the leaf and apply it everyday. When done shaving, rub the gel on your neck and tender spots or cuts and same goes for your legs. Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years and has been called a miracle plant for its healing properties. Watch razor burn diminish and cuts heal quickly.

Make sure you are getting all the nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy. It is vitally important you are eating and drinking natural & organic nutrients all day long. An obvious one is Vitamin E- a great source for this is Unrefined Wheat Germ Oil (about 220% RDA of Vitamin E per serving) which you can get at any health food store.

Once in a while, instead of using soap, moisturizer and/or toner, mix about 2-3 cups of distilled water with a 1/2 cup of raw, organic, unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. You can buy this at any health store and it is very cheap. Apple Cider Vinegar is extremely anti-bacterial, alkalizing and soothing to the skin. You could also use a mask If you use clays, make sure they are pure and mix them with Apple Cider Vinegar instead of water. This is a very deep cleanse and nourishing to the skin. Also, consider taking saunas, steam baths, or at home- very hot baths you will sweat out a lot of toxins and feel great. Afterward, cool off with a shower, and splash on some watered down Apple Cider Vinegar.

Use a small, soft loofah sponge to exfoliate all the dead skin cells and dirt which clog pores. Washing with just your hands may not be enough, because you will not scrub away some of the dirt and dead skin cells that can clog your pores. Scrub very softly with warm water and your face soap. Look for a facial scrub for help.

It is also vitally important that you clean yourself out so all of the toxins stuck in your body go out through your colon instead of your skin. Eat a lot more fibre as this will keep your colon clean and greatly increase your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. You need to eat a lot more organic whole grains (wild rice, brown rice, millet, quinoa), organic fresh fruits (blueberries, dates, figs, etc.), organic fresh raw vegetables chewed well, beans (not re-fried or with lard), and organic nuts (raw, unsalted).

Use only organic and raw and put at least 3 cloves in a blender with juice and drink it down. It will make the drink a little spicy, that’s all. Garlic is the best, most effective broad spectrum anti-biotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal herb known. It kills all the bad guys without harming any of the good guys. In fact, in laboratory tests, it has been diluted to 1 part in125,000 and still killed bacteria. So, yes, it’s great if you get sick or have a virus of any kind. It’s great for your heart and blood- whole books have been written about it, but remember, it must be raw. Your skin will have a real tough time breaking out if you have some raw garlic in your system.

Filters will take out the chlorine, fluoride, copper, pathogens, viruses, dirt, and other horrible pollutants. Remember, you\’re trying to clean your skin and hair. The last thing you want to do is add in more toxins that will age your skin, dry your hair, and make you break out. Use warm water and only organic soap when washing your face and cool water to rinse off.

Some Researchers call acne Diabetes of the skin, meaning your body has great difficulty digesting sugar. Cut way down on sugar for a week or two and see if there’s any effect. This includes soft drinks and every other food that contains a high quantity of sugar. It may seem like a tuff task but I have done it with several clients and they have seen the benefits first hand and wouldn’t think of going back to the white toxin that sugar should really be thought of.

Toxins you consume everyday in the form of processed foods, caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, cheese, chocolate, cream, eggs, fried foods, hydrogenated oils, margarine, fish, meat, poultry, and butter. A lot of these foods are laced with antibiotics, poisons, chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, toxins etc…. Eat with awareness and sensitivity so that you know what your body and skin react to the worst. Look for Certified Organic Foods.

There is a tremendous build up of dirt and oils from your hair and skin that ends up on your pillow and sheets. Anything that touches your face should be clean and fresh. Also do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets on anything that is going to touch your skin.

You will find acne developing wherever you scratch, rest your hands or play with your face. Watch carefully during the day.

Use skin-care products that don’t create free radicals and attack your body with more toxins. Use products that will nourish, protect, and clean your skin with nutrients without causing irritation, dryness, acne, or any of the other serious problems associated with almost all commercial skin-care products.

Your skin is the largest organ you have. The skin functions, breaths and circulates oxygen and other substances like the lungs do. This is why using organic products is so important. When you breath deep you help the skin do it’s work. Also breathing helps relax the body and requires little work on your part to give your body what it really needs to keep you healthy.

What is Natural Mineral Makeup

Mineral cosmetics are the entirely new breed of cosmetics that defy your imagination and senses! They are new and revolutionary, natural and safe on your body! These are the new generation skin cosmetics preparations that have caught the attention of millions of people, who are desperately looking for a set of cosmetics, which is harmless and beneficial. Mineral cosmetics are also creating new and snazzy trends in the world of cosmetics, with its immense appeal and great ingredients. These wonderful cosmetic items are also the products of Mother Nature and its contents are absolutely safe for general use.

Here’s what Margaret Tan, Renowned Beauty Consultant has to say.

What are mineral cosmetics? In essence, they are the new age cosmetics prepared from natural minerals and inorganic pigments that abound the Mother Nature. Hundreds of natural mineral compounds like mica, titanium dioxide, zinc and iron are redefining the cosmetic industry with their wonderful healing and rejuvenating properties. Currently, these natural components are being used widely to make hundreds of cosmetic products, which range from a simple bowl of talcum powder to more sophisticated eye creams.

When you use these cosmetic products, you stand to gain several benefits and advantages like:

1. These products are natural, and they look and feel exotic,

2. These products can stay on your body throughout the day

3. They are excellent and non allergic on any part of your body

4. They do not dry up your skin by removing the moisture

5. They will not cause any inflammation on your skin

6. There are no harmful residues and chemicals that can spoil the look of your skin

Synthetic cosmetic products create allergies and wrinkles on your skin after an extended usage. Once the effect of age sets on your body, these dangerous additives will create harmful chemical residues in your skin to make it sag and loose its elasticity. Ideally, you may wish to avoid all cosmetic products that contain chemical ingredients. The best alternative would be to use beneficial mineral cosmetics that contain only the natural ingredients that are fresh and rejuvenating. These products have a long shelf life and display wonderful healing properties, even after a lengthy period of time.

Mineral cosmetics are also known as organic cosmetics and they are true to their name with some of the best known natural ingredients. Most of these superb products contain a wonderful ingredient called “Multan Mitti” (fine and loose soil that is rich in zinc and iron), that is powdered very finely, at a particle rate of mili-micrometers. These special products are very gentle and smooth over your skin and provide a protective layer against environmental pollution and harmful UV rays. You can pick up a big catalogue of products that range from simple mineral foundation powder jars to complex mineral liquid makeup kits. Hundreds of cosmetics firms manufacture wonderfully composed and exquisitely packed cosmetics products for their consumers.

Some of the notable advantages of mineral cosmetics are:

1. These products are highly UV resistant, and help prevent dangerous rays from damaging deeper layers of skin

2. They are also anti-inflammatory and non-allergic

3. These products do not have talc substances in them, and hence help your body to retain moisture for a long time

4. Use these wonderful products to lend a silken touch to your skin

5. These superior products can help your skin to breathe more oxygen and assist the body to generate new skin cells

6. These products are healing and recuperative

7. These products are excellent for all skin types

As mineral cosmetics products are the creation of nature, and due to their magical properties, they are already gaining attention of millions of men and women. People simply love the exotic fragrance and rich smoothness of these products. With no chemical residues or total absence of allergens, these exquisite products are considered the best of nature and thought to be surreal for its great qualities and magical properties.

10 Reasons Why Organics Benefits Us

1. Organics are Healthier
Typically organic food contains higher levels of vitamin C enzymes and essential minerals such as calcium (63 percent higher), magnesium (118 percent higher), iron (73 percent higher) and chromium, cancer-fighting antioxidants and being 29 percent lower in mercury. Feeding the soil with organic matter instead of ammonia and other synthetic fertilizers has proven to increase nutrients in produce, with higher levels of vitamins and minerals found in organic food, according to the 2005 study, “Elevating Antioxidant levels in food through organic farming and food processing,” Organic Center State of Science Review (1.05)

2. Taste Better and Truer Flavor
Scientists now know what we eaters have known all along – organic food often tastes better. It makes sense that food taste more appetizing when raised in naturally in nature, but researchers at Washington State University just proved this as fact in lab taste trials where the organic fruits were consistently judged as sweeter. It makes sense that chemicals are not going to taste like mother nature provided. Organic produce is often lower in nitrates and higher in antioxidants than conventional food. A number of top chefs choose organic, and every year many are involved in the Soil Association’s Organic Food Awards.

3. High standards
Organic food comes from trusted sources. All organic farms and food companies are inspected at least once a year. The standards for organic food are laid down in European, US and Canadian law. Genetically modified (GM) crops and ingredients are not allowed under organic standards as well as MSG and other provin toxins. Organic is the only de facto seal of reassurance against these and other modern, lab-produced additions to our food supply, and the only food term with built in inspections and federal regulatory teeth.

4. Build Healthy Soil
Mono-cropping and chemical fertilizer dependency has taken a toll with a loss of top soil estimated at a cost of $40 billion per year in the U.S., according to David Pimental of Cornell University. Add to this an equally disturbing loss of micro nutrients and minerals in fruits and vegetables.

5. Our Food Source Delima
There is growing concern about the high use of antibiotics on farm animals and the possible effects on human health. Soil Association standards prohibit the routine use of antibiotics. Animal welfare is taken very seriously under organic standards. The benefits of the organic approach are acknowledged by animal welfare organizations such as Compassion in World Farming as well as the UK and US government.

6. Kinder to Our Earth
The UK government has said that it is better for wildlife, causes lower pollution from sprays, produces less carbon dioxide – the main global warming gas – and less dangerous wastes.

7. Avoids Pesticides
Over 400 chemical pesticides are routinely used in conventional farming and residues are often present in non-organic food. The UK government has recently found high levels of pesticide residues in baby food, spinach, dried fruit, bread, apples, celery, and chips. Chemicals kill.

8. Promote Biodiversity
Visit an organic farm and you’ll notice see a buzz of animal, bird and insect activity. These organic oases are thriving, diverse habitats. Native plants, birds and hawks return usually after the first season of organic practices; beneficial insects allow for a greater balance, and indigenous animals find these farms a safe haven. Organic farmers bring balance back into farming were all aspects of the farm building for the future crop and soil. Support Organic farms – they feed us and we want them around for a long time. According to Organic Farming Research Foundation, as of 2006 there are approximately 10,000 certified organic producers in the U.S. compared to 2500 to 3,000 tracked in 1994. People are taking charge of their own health.

9. Protect Future Generations
Reduce toxic load on humans and the planet. Before children are even born the toxic risk from pesticides has already begun. Studies show that infants are exposed to hundreds of harmful chemicals in utero. In fact, our nation is now reaping the results of four generations of exposure to agricultural and industrial chemicals, whose safety was deemed on adult tolerance levels, not on children’s. According to the National Academy of Science, “neurologic and behavioral effects may result from low-level exposure to pesticides.” Numerous studies show that pesticides can adversely affect the nervous system, increase the risk of cancer, and decrease fertility. Buying organic food promotes a less toxic environment for all living things. With only 0.5 percent of crop and pasture land in organic, according to USDA that leaves 99.5 percent of farm acres in the U.S. at risk of exposure to noxious agricultural chemicals.

10. It’s Important – Your Important
We need to support companies that support us. Organic companies are on the cutting edge of product supply for the aware consumer and if we use our consumer power to support them they are more likely to thrive and add additional products and services to their offering. We do make a difference – every purchase says “yes I want pure products on my plate and in my cosmetic bag”. It’s important – you’re important !