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Natural Beauty Products Without Chemicals

The Healthiest Cosmetics and Body Care Products Available

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We believe looking great shouldn't mean you have to put yourself at risk of making your body ill. Nature gives us the plants and fibers we can use to nurish and protect our skin. Mineral cosmetics come from the earth so chemicals have no place here. Beautiful skin from the inside and glowing outward is what you get with organic / natural skincare and cosmetics.

It is our mission to give you organic cosmetics and skin care products so you can feel great about what you put on your skin. What you put on your skin and hair goes directly into your body. Enjoy the feeling of feeding your skin and body with organic skincare products and cosmetics you can trust. You can have both - health and beauty in one organic package.

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Not too long ago I was so naive I thought big cosmetic companies really did care about me and that they wouldn't intentionally put anything in face cream or shampoo that could adversely effect my health.  I believed there was integrity around women's beauty and it never occurred to me that a women might become sick and have to undergo serious medical intervention because of the toxins in personal care product and body care products. Often we do not realize that these products can really effect us. Read some of the articles on this site to see how young girls hormones are being effected and their chances of reproduction is being jeopardized. 

We have compiled the best natural organic beauty products that support health and you will not have to sacrifice quality - on the contrary you can feel carefree knowing you're not jeopardizing your health in an attempt to feel feminine and lovely. We have many samples available so you can try our healthy cosmetics and decide with confidence what to buy to fill your bathroom with healthy cosmetics. 

The information below about each company gives you an idea of how committed to excellence these companies are.

CWS Cosmetics Without Synthetics®, Arizona

This growing line of healthy skin care products and natural organic beauty products is the signature line of natural beauty product for allnaturalcosmetics.com. The natural beauty product collection features some "no added fragrance" selections for those who are sensitive. Also featured is our line of enhanced skin treatments made with revolutionary electrolyzed water. High standards in ingredient selection is of the utmost importance!


Earth's Beauty®, Arizona
In 2000, the Earth's Beauty line of pure loose powder makeup was developed for those who are sensitive or allergic to traditional cosmetics. Because they use minimal ingredients, the products are in the loose powder form. The base of the products is arrowroot with added natural colorings. Developer Marj Melchiors, says that the Earth's Beauty line of Mineral Colours is formulated with some important ethical principles in mind:

We do not use ingredients that are known health hazards for humans or the environment.
No ingredients used are tested on animals.
No finished products are tested on animals.
No ingredients are obtained from killed animals, exotic animals, or endangered animals.
We do not use FD&C colorings.

Buy organic cosmetics on this site today!

Lavera, Germany
From the beginning of Lavera, our main focus has always been production without artificial preservatives, additives, petroleum-based ingredients, dyes or perfumes. Instead, we are using skin-friendly ingredients extracted only from natural sources as high quality plant extracts from certified organic farming. In order to assure the highest quality, dermatological tests are done on human volunteers only.

Over the last 12 years, we have received more than 85 awards from "OEKO-TEST", the most critical environmental consumer magazine in Germany. We were ranked more than 85 times in the highest possible category "Recommended" after analysis of our ingredients, their health tolerance and an ecological evaluation of our packaging materials."

Lotus Moon®, California
Their products are manufactured by SMB Essentials in small batches every two to three months. They do not sit on shelves for months at a time. SMB Essential’s concentrated serums contain active ingredients and should be used, once opened, within 12 months. SMB Essentials does not test on animals or use animal by-products, nor do they purchase from manufacturers who do so. They use natural and naturally derived ingredients and whenever possible, wild-crafted and certified organic.

Miessence®, Australia
We love these product and hope you find what you are looking for on our site. 

Founder Narelle Chenery has a policy of using 100% natural and organic ingredients which stems from her belief in the body's intelligence, which responds to, and resonates in harmony with nature. The company's aim is to assist your body in restoring harmony and balance. Only products completely free of impurities and synthetics can achieve this aim. The Miessence (pronounced "my-essence"), line of products are the only skin care range in the world that are certified organic by third parties. The parties are: ACO (Australian Certified Organic), BFA (Biological Farmers Australia).


Real Purity™, Tennessee
Founders Dr. Rich Easterling and wife Karen say that Real Purity has a firm commitment to excellence. "We look for integrity and consistency in our sources and Suppliers and try to return the same to our customers and friends. We believe that quality is never an accident and comes from the willingness to pay the price of higher intentions and sincere efforts. All our formulas are derived from certified organic and wild crafted herbs with safe organic earth ingredients." The products do not contain any chemicals, preservatives, petroleum products, or solvents of any type. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but are cruelty free with no animal products or animal testing.

Paul Penders, Malaysia
Founder Paul Penders is a pioneer in the natural cosmetics world. Having been trained as a cosmetologist, Paul started his company some 30 years ago. His skincare and makeup products are known world-wide and are made on a rain forest island. Penders is an active environmentalist and avid animal rights activist. His company has developed very unique processes to manufacture organic herbal cosmetics.

Paul Penders shampoos are developed with a time released action which allows the scalp to be cleansed and then the hair. All skincare products are made with a unique cold technology which preserves the integrity of the potent herbs in the products. All products contain a time tested special combination of 22 organic herbs.
All products are vegan. Penders philosophy of "no chemicals" and "no animal testing" has evolved into a full line of luxury skincare, haircare, and makeup.
See the herbs included in Paul's formulation here.


True Aroma™, Arizona
As a sister brand to Earth's Beauty, True Aroma products are formulated with the same ethical principles in mind. Founder, Marj Melchiors, who holds a certificate in Aromatherapy, believes that the essential oils in skincare are what makes the products effective on the skin, and pledges a commitment to bringing you chemical-free products while using only the finest ingredients including organic and wild crafted essential oils.